Super Giant Ready For A Brawl! (Clash of Clans Super Troops #3)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 27 मार्च, 2020
Featuring his lustrous amber muttonchop sideburns, Super Giant is aching for a brawl. When in his Super-mode, Super Giant is even tankier than ever with nearly triple the amount of hit points and double the amount of damage. However, it’s his spiked knuckles that are the star of the show - each punch deals 4x damage to Walls, making him excellent for clearing a path for your Troops.
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  • Then super pekka just like the bb pekka

  • They actually became a little more handsome tho

  • I want the game to have the Cambodian flag. I have been supporting the game for over three years. I'm from Cambodia. 😐😘 😭 🙏🇰🇭

  • His haircut is just quality, I actually can't wait to be able to unlock this guy.

  • Dam...the giant looks good And i am serious...look at that hair and the clothes he wearing He looking like a literal chad ngl

  • can you make super dragon?

  • Also called the Alpha Chad of Giants

    • Just an absolute chad with THAT haircut.

  • Plz add mega knight to clash of clans

  • Young giant?

  • Nowadays walls are just jokes!!!

  • Oh it's Rik the Giant.

  • They actually made giants useful

  • Brand new ability boxer giant: what about me

  • I am Giant Weapons Guy. And this... *is my weapon.*

  • I have one called wall breaker

  • What is this clash of clans become is joking

  • Wow😰😨😨

  • Remeber El Primo? This is him now, feel old yet?

  • Brawl? Brawl stars?

  • super giant is the best. Because he got hairs.

  • Nice video

  • Supercell: *makes walls expensive as hecc* Also supercell: *keep adding things that make walls useless*

  • tbh i mind as well have lvl 1 walls cuz nowadays walls are useless and same as spending gold or elixer on walls

  • He is kind of handsome

  • Wow

  • Giant+Hair=Super Giant

  • Bring back global chat

  • wow!

  • We want global chat because without global chat clash of clans in like a simple strategy game

  • Hi everyone I hope this message reaches you......Everyone in COC wants this upgrade - converting some large amounts of elixer to gold or converting elixer to gold and gold to elixer option.......I hope this will be happening in the next upgrde........This is one of my kind issues, pls note it down. Thank you.

  • Please recognize my attacks here

  • Idk why coc made walls they have made countless ways to break walls. No defences are won and i think walls are more of a decoration

  • Supercell: brand new ability wall smasher!!! Wall breakers: ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU!!!?!?!!!!!!!!?

  • Watch latest videos of most power clan of USA their attack and funny talks . video will out on my channel soon go guys subscribe

  • Mega wizard

  • Wow , those giant looks so dashing

  • Thi update is orrible

  • Please bring back global chat!! Super cell developer. Because it so very hard to find a new member. No body accept my invitation cause i don't know he is still active player. Plsssssss bring back global chat🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Lol

  • Let's just say all the super troops are almost copies of troops from builder base

  • Tuyệt vời

  • Coc plz make new events!! Plz plz plz......

  • Giant went from Dad to Chad.

  • We need global chat

  • We Need globle chat

  • Wall breakers Vs giant Skeleton Win! 😂😂

  • Ismt this just wall breaker on steroids?



  • You guys are going down and down while other games are upgrading . At least add voice chat and mic if possible And A Pakistani Flag As Well Our Pakistani Players are on the Top In Global Like Dr Mujtba Just add a Pakistani Flag and voice chat, Typing sucks now

  • You guys are going down and down while other games are upgrading . At least add voice chat and mic if possible And A Pakistani Flag As Well Our Pakistani Players are on the Top In Global Like Dr Mujtba Just add a Pakistani Flag and voice chat, Typing sucks now

  • Wow amazing 💓😍😍😍

  • Guys please support to me also, for 5k subscriber 🙏🙏😀😀😀

  • how to get this

  • Walls: *My time has come*

  • Super arquers?

  • Imagine supparcell updat a mega Dragon in troops🥴

  • Why do I have to wait to switch these giants back to normal giants!?! So irritating.

  • hello pls say me how to get this super troops

  • hello pls say me how to get this super troops

  • hello pls say me how to get this super troops

    • You have to get th11

  • super Valkyrie pleas😘🤗

  • We want Royal Giant,not this guy - CR PLAYERS -

  • Can you make my base to power up this troop?

  • Next is tantrum dragon its the original dragon that gives tantrum when isolated especially to society and QUARANTINE

  • Im a the only one here thinks that the super giant looks big show in wwe? 😂

  • Hey this is wrong why the super crops are only for higher level Town hall. There should be super troops for all level Town hall. if anyone playing clash of clan near obviously following this channel please share your valuable feedback of suggest something that like what you think about this.

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  • We need global chat

  • Super gaint: I can destroy the walls Wall breaker: i can already do this Bomber: don't make me laugh El PRIMO: HOLD MY BEAR

  • I don’t like your promotion

  • Coc

  • come look my channel

  • نبخه

  • lol May nag lalaro pa pala neto !? haha

  • Wall breaker: _”I’m I a joke to you?”_

  • man someone is a good artist in clash of clans

  • an ice pekka

  • Bruh coc is scamming us by replacing all ability of builder base troops into super troops

  • True or not

  • When is this update coming?

  • It nice if pekka d next super hero

  • Wowww...that's crazy...1 hit and lvl11 wall boom

  • Global😣

  • When update will come?

  • Super pekka is gonna be super op

  • So wall breakers are irrelevant? This thing one punched the wall, AND didn’t become useless after.

  • When will this update come? Pls tell me anyone..

  • Why not start builder hall clan war...I waiting builder hall clan war...

  • Next The There A SuPer bOaT

  • Literally all they did was come out with hair and ripped sleeves lol

  • Clash a rama’s giant is here!

  • Let me guess, this new upgrade troops is payable with true money.

  • Damn people still play this game?

  • They should add a rage angel it will be really cool

  • He can smash He can slash But most importantly He has hair

  • مرحبا!

  • Ready for a brawl huh?

  • In new update offline base building app and designing