Town Hall 14 Tour Trailer | Clash of Clans #thtour

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 30 एप्रिल, 2021
What hidden treasures lay inside Town Hall 14? That's entirely up to you!
We want you to tell us your ideas and help decorate the lush interior of Barbarian King's abode. We'll choose the best ones and create a virtual tour featuring your suggestions! #thtour

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- Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
- Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
- Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
- Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
- Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
- Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
- Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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  • i want more clash a rama

  • I imagine use th14 tree tour attacking in leaves and flags for jungle expiration or use 3 monkey statue weapons🙈🙉🙊(attacking water by it's eye & mouth)

  • There should be an option to customize the townhall from inside and outside. (Like Minecraft) It would be great!!

  • 🇮🇶✌🏽

  • My dad, though he’ll probably leave pretty quickly

  • Please add the Azerbaijani flag to the game.

  • Maybe you do water New troops and a lake on a lake City and players can use ships the machine and New about water troops

  • When does it come

  • Clash of clans pls make Clash a rama season 3

  • How to upgrade builder hut?

    • until you max your th 14 lvl 5 stars

    • You can upgrade the builder hut in th14

  • Hey supercell will you make the sceneries allowed to be bought by the players with the gems and be introduced in the town hall 14 tour ?

  • After the successful attacks, the hitpoints of remaining troops must be display

  • Villagers only clap their hands on nature and not builder made lol

  • Trade gold for elixir!

    • No the other way aroud

  • High level troops

  • where is it it is may 6

  • why is the townhall and the new walls so extreme ugly ???

  • youtube: recommends this the day after the deadline

  • Its a restaurant with green goblins because its green so why not?

  • What the villagers do in front of upgrade building 🏢

  • i think the new update see on the town hall

  • Bring the night base war

  • Add more events for us playars to enjoy and have more loots

  • Where is town hall tour

  • What's inside the townhall

  • Please give toTH 9 anything for free

  • I want more Clash-A-Rama I love those I watched every ep more than a million times and now am bored plz I want more seasons

  • ya es 5 de mayo bros


  • goblion school learning english

  • Possibility: -Village meeting room(maybe they do it when we not around) -Lady village home(i mean,if not then where) -Lava mine(Giga inferno) -Your base museum(Good idea from another commenter) -Gold,elixir,magic items storage(it is) -Interstellar teleport machine(Plot twist:That is not "changing scenery")

  • who wants the town hall 15 get out NOW

    • bruh theyve release townhall 14 first dont be excited for th15

  • give option with gold and elixir like reducing day,for example: 2000000 gold or elixir for reducing days for upgrading buildings or researching in lab this will help everyone to max their base fast as possible .bcoz it takes more time to max th12 onwards plzz supercell do this..........

  • golden statues of all the heros in an epic stance

  • Actually town hall is a high court of coc village

  • There definitely needs to be a room filled with loot and guarded by the Goblins.

  • plss add heros closet were they keep their skins like rough queen rough champion etc

  • Include clan castle request time with training potion

  • Make a new spell like grand warden's ability life aura

  • Waiting today 🔥🔥🔥

  • Supercell please add one thing that my friend sometime cannot challenge me in my clan so do one thing we can send challenge in social friend

  • # th tour brand new defense or troop

  • I think a mega artillery with the red our green Senser like good night this is a best defences i am not an you tuber but i have many ideas how can i am explain my ideas

  • can put the New troop called potion trower

  • New troop called lumberjack so then it would be easy you could place down a lumberjack and after it dies you get a free rage spell

  • Wow



  • Make it a manageable grill house

  • I like if you can put a new person named chif .he is like a vllgar .dut hi is not

  • I like some new troops, splls and a new defance

  • super cell should concentrate on troops for getting easy 3 star for rushed bases

  • Inside the town hall i think this will be a like King palace

  • I need global chat

  • Next skin will be Papu Papu

  • Please make some updates for builder base and ship war base

  • A hot tub with hog riders in it

  • So you know Clash-a-Rama? Just do that, all of that

  • Perhaps add some snake statues as decorations just because it would look nice.

  • Goblins sipped coffee

  • In the description of this video it states that townhall is Barbarian King's abode.... I mean till now I thought that the village and townhall all belonged to me (village chief) and all the heros, toops and NPC were my servants and subordinates. But now after seeing the description I am having existential crises😭

  • The hero pets I guess

  • Yes

  • Jungle warden and a bunch of villagers

  • We want many things in Clash of Clans like New and improved graphics Anything by which we can find the bases we want (like farming bases, rushed bases etc.) A new building by which we can exchange gold and elixir between clanmates. CURRENTLY I AM FACING A PROBLEM IN CLAN CHAT DUE TO WHICH EVEN AFTER SWITCHING OFF FILTER CLAN CHAT, THE MESSAGES ARE BEING RECIEVED LIKE ***************** PLEASE FIX THIS BUG

  • Queen being ready for King 😁😁😆😆

  • Gonna come after youtube recommends this after 4 years

  • nice

  • An ancient poison dispenser

  • Another Clash-A-Rama?

  • Me: i dont wanna download this if theres no th14 Clash Of Clans: th14 out now Me: I'lL TaKe YoUr EnTiRe StOcK

  • Made more clash a rama plsss

  • I am looking for new clan mates who are of town hall 11 or above Our clan is level 15 name black pearl and we are looking for new member. The has 32 Members Currently. Thanks, Regards Pegi

  • I think inside CC we can see garden scrappers and builder with giga inferno tower and some of loots


  • Supercell make tower of headhunters

  • Supercell make tower of hedahells

    • Soory headhunters

  • Build up those th 14' for those who can, others will catch up eventually!

  • Put some jungle bats in the th

  • Ok think there is a battle table coffee a plasma machine for the weapon a giant poison bone under neath and a tv with Netflix on it

  • A bunch of dart goblins obeying the new grand warden skin because they have the same mask (:¦

  • I go with grill option

  • Yes🤣🤣🤣

  • How bout a hall of fame. Best attacks of the season as well as bst defense. All your lifes progeress on a time line. Like from when started townhall 1 what was upgradded in order till townhall whatever your curently at

  • Hey clash of clans in the builder base I was upgrading a gold storage for 300,000 elixir and I on accidentally canceled it and it didn’t give me my elixir back!🤬

  • Improve archer queen

  • First time buy gold pack

  • Barbarians that are dueling with wooden swords(:

  • Strattegy live Bi like

  • The new super troops waiting to join the battle 👀

  • Goblin King Abilty: Fools Gold: creates a cicrle around him and drains HP from buildings along with summoning 10 Goblins with the the same level you have them in the labrotory Max Level:25 PSi think trees inside works very well,oh yeah and nake them tropcial

  • Hall of fame pls

  • A jungle mask which makes warden as jungle warden

  • i love clash of clans and hopeing for a new troops and i have a townhall 9 (god of war)

  • New troop

  • want to see town hall from inside but not only th14 but all the town halls

  • Hi

  • If you can add a new hero like gaint king or Pekka queen , goblin king , plz add only one hero . If u choose pekka queen , The ability would spawn some raged pekkas

    • That would be broken normal pekka is already a disaster the offence would be very strong and new hero will come at th 15 not now

  • Troops

  • I guess supercell must add Royal Baracks the troops from clash Royal