Clash Worlds Warmup Round 2 - Clash of Clans

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 21 मार्च, 2021
Now that your appetites for battle have been thoroughly whetted it's time to bring on some new challengers. Winning the first round yesterday was just the beginning and this event is about to get a whole lot more difficult. The winners of Round 1 will face insurmountable odds when they pair off against World Championship teams from the 2020 season. Not only do these teams have experience competing under extreme pressure on a livestream, each of these distinguished teams were skilled enough to earn a Golden Ticket and compete in the 2020 World Finals. Can these veteran vanguards prove they still have what it takes to be champions or will yesterday's winners prove ambition is enough to overcome experience?
Let's take a look at the pairings in Round 2!
HaNoi Royal vs. ATN.aTTaX (2020 World Champions)
Unicorns of Love vs. eleVen Original (2020 Wildcard Entry)
MCES vs. Ni Chang Dance (2020 August Qualifier Winner)
NGT Legends vs. TOMPINAI EMPIRE (2020 September Qualifier Winner - formerly X6tence)
INDIAN CLASHERS vs. QueeN Walkers (2020 World Champion Runner-Up)
J.X. Tiger vs. Darkest MuZhan (2020 October Qualifier Winner)
Aphelion Esport vs. H.T Family (2020 Wildcard Entry)
Method2Madness vs. Vatang (2020 July Qualifier Winner)
These 16 Clans will battle in an elimination Clan War and the 8 winning Clans will then proceed on to Round 3. Whether you're a fan of the 2020 Championship Clans or these ambitious newcomers, make sure you cheer them on!
Hosted by your favorite casters, Judo Sloth and iTzu will make sure you don't miss a single troop deployment!
iTzu: iTzuDL
Judo Sloth: JudoSloth
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------------------Contents of this video--------------------
0:00 Countdown screen
8:25 Teaser & Warmup Round 1 highlights
16:40 ATN.aTTaX vs HaNoi Royal
57:07 Zap Super Witches attack breakdown by Judo
1:01:35 eleVen Original vs Unicorns of Love
1:41:43 Queen Charge Lalo attack breakdown by iTzu
1:46:40 Ni Chang Dance vs MCES
2:26:32 Zap Lalo attack breakdown by Judo
2:32:00 TOMPINAI EMPIRE vs NGT Legends
3:12:46 Queen Charge Lalo attack breakdown by iTzu
3:16:48 QueeN Walkers vs INDIAN CLASHERS
3:57:00 DragBat attack breakdown by Judo
4:01:43 Darkest MuZhan vs J.X. Tiger
4:41:27 Queen Charge Miners attack breakdown by iTzu
4:46:46 H.T Family vs Aphelion Esport
5:26:28 DragBat attack breakdown by Judo
5:30:57 Vatang vs Method2Madness
6:12:47 Thank you for watching


  • Disappointing performance from queen walkers props to Indian flashers very good play

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  • Klaus sucks now

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  • More than two pieces of Clashes are Indians

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  • @3:21:50 you guys totally missed that Eleven activated the queen ability a little bit too late, the scatter shot fired and despite the queen being invisible, she still suffered damage and died because archers were around her too hahahaha

  • Well played 👍 @indian clashers 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Queen Walkers went down? Honestly it was a sad match to watch

  • Judo Sloth! Is the best clasher on clash of clans omg! I hitted the like button and subscribe

  • Hi everyone

  • Replace itzu and add clash jo please

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  • 5:44:20 judo saying things to speed up and then attacker places invisible spell on at my comp LMAO

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  • Wow...nice...congrats to the winner...

  • we need 2 itzu for making commentary more interesting ❤️ poor judo just don't able to keep up with itzu 😂

    • Imagine how boring it would be without judo

    • No itzu has the knowledge judo makes it more interesting

  • Well done supercell - this worlds has such a great design and format. Really starting to form a unique tournament look and feel. Hats off to judo and itzu. 🤞 for no woody to ruin the finals lol 😂. Carbon and lady B are invited.

  • some help me, some one on my acc in clash

  • Keep it short itzu.. woah!

  • Why spring update is not coming?

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  • Indian clashers op....Indian power..🔥🔥💪💪💪💪..they have made us proud..

    • @MD.Abdullah Arman And also adding to my above comment. We know Klaus is known for his creative attacks but the way he is shown by content creators isnt fair. They just show his 3stars. Lol u talkin about community matches then see his all attacks, he did 69 percent fail in Icecold vs DarkestMuzhan. So yeah not a GOAT! He fails...many times fails...but u guys praise for his 3 stars only Anyways its your choice.

    • @MD.Abdullah Arman Its high time you guys should stop keeping Queenwalkers+Klaus at zenith They aint the GOAT of this game. Indian clashers have worked really well on their bases this time, you can have an idea from war against QC or DM. Rest is your choice, you can keep praising your favorite team blindly.

    • @Ayush Chaudhary Ahh hello there🙋🙋🙋 Do you follow the community tournaments or not?!! QW was just not on the top of their game and IC just got lucky... That's all there is to this war and nothing else.... There's no way IC can beat QW at skill lvl....

    • @Thanektor Pros really dude learn to appreciate good works 😌

    • @Thanektor Pros Lol Indian Clashers beat them 13-11 did u see or not?

  • the problem of queenwalker is they are too predictable

    • They played very careless

  • Hats off to the Team that made the Warmup Tournament possible. You guys did such a great job! Really like that there isn't bad language anywhere; it makes it even more enjoyable

  • That attack from jone from jx tiger judo and itzu keep calling hybrid then they realized its qc miners lol

  • Gg indian clasher🤘🏽😍 🔥

  • What happened to clash-a-Rama

  • Super electric dragon

  • Wow itzu casting.. Cool.. It's really great to see veterans perspective on attacks. Please continue to cast vets.

  • i don't know why nobody is taking about hanoi royal 😞 their attack is soo good they got unlucky that they faced the world champion so early ☹️

    • Well that just shows the strength of atn ATX..... That level of ppwer is not enough to take down the atn team.... And that is why they are the champions

    • i think so , i see hanoi royal is a good team

  • 🇮🇳Indian Clashers🇮🇳 was the Only Invited Team to WIN✨✨

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  • Good base builder for Indian Clasher 👍

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  • Does anyone have time stamps for the type of the attacks they used? (Hybrid, Zap lalo, QC lalo etc)

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  • Why is this tournament smaller prize than Mrs Mrs Mujtaba tournament? 45k USD is Mr Mrs Mujtaba. I cannot wait for it, it will be so good!

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  • Really hope that itzu will replace woody for the actual world champ matches. So much better to have a knowledgeable commentator that actually makes the game enjoyable to watch by explaining and pointing out skills during the attacks. Instead of just screaming dumb unintelligible rubbish like woody does

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  • KLAUS GOT THE L finally

  • 2:15:41 why having a clash expert (itzu) adds so much value to play by play, no one catches this intricate gamer move but him

  • 2:01:58 well said itzu 👏 humble, informative, accurate points

  • Next round?

  • 1:53:00 remy-o was done dirty that attack was so nice

  • Please make Eric a Caster. He makes the attacks more hyped and fun as well! Credits to Judo and ITzu but nowhere near Eric's play by play.

    • Maybe itzu judo AND eric??

  • We need more clan perks