Crush Villages With The LOG LAUNCHER! (Clash of Clans)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 4 डिसेंबर, 2020
The Log Launcher is a bizarre contraption that hurls spiked Logs at its target, steamrolling and damaging anything in its path. The Log Launcher will pummel its way clear as it heads towards the enemy’s Town Hall. Once it reaches its target, the Log Launcher will release its cargo of Clan Castle Troops.
Favorite Target: Walls (Damage x4)
Damage Type: Area Splash
Targets: Ground
Housing Space: 1
Movement Speed: 5

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  • Dogs

  • So is this a leak for a future clash Royale card?

  • Supercell: Log Launcher Me: Warcraft 3 Siege Engine

  • Wow this is so cool when is it coming out?

  • What if this was added into clash royale


  • People: Walls are so irrelevant Also People: Leveled Wallls nake bases look scary

  • “Nothing can stop the log launcher!” Log launcher:proceeds to break

  • this look like game changing

  • Nothing stops the log launcher Proceeds get destroyed afterwards 😂😂😂😂(0:17-0:20)

  • That's why I m not upgrading walls now😂😂😂

  • Nothing stops it expect an inferno tower

  • "Makes walls expensive" Hmmmm I wonder what would happen if he keep adding things that destroy walls At this point I'm just tempted to start a petition to remove walls from clash there absolutely zero point

  • "Nothing stops the Log Launcher" *Gets destroyed by teslas*

  • Nothing stops the log launcher! *log launcher dies*

  • This is illegal Its toooo op

  • Nerf this or nerf wall prices, walls are useless at this point

  • Walls suck

  • Hog riders and wall breakers: are we a joke to you?

  • Log Launcher is cool

  • “Nothing stops the log launcher!” Literally 2 seconds later: *gets zapped to death*

  • 2040 : NEW ! Waluigi launcher that launch an angry waluigi and destroy th

  • استمر حلو 🥰🥰

  • "nothing stops the log launcher" "shows log launcher getting destroyed"

  • I wander how the troops is inside the log launcher

  • 0:20 defense:we finally destroyed log launcher :troops inside it : let me introduce us

  • Am i the only one who havent used log launcher for a single time?

  • me spending millions on walls: Supercell: hold my bear

  • This my favourite log loncher 🥰🤩

  • Болады жаксы

  • This was 4 months ago?!!?!

  • COC: nothing stops the log launcher. Me: it stopped at the town hall. COC: I said nothing stops the log launcher

  • What town hall. Is it 14

  • Can somebody tell me how does the log fits the launching tube?

  • Is there a reason to upgrade walls now 👀 They are just expensive decorations

  • just remove walls from the game

  • Catapult would be next.

  • حلووو

  • In my opinion this is great against people who are rushed

  • Nothing can stop the log launcher, except the log launcher.

  • Ad nothing stops the log launcher 1 second later log launch breaks down

  • "Nothing Stops THE LOG LAUNCHER" *dies from electricity*

  • Etuti

  • Me: if a th8 can destroy a level13 wall with 4 earthquake what is the poijt

  • At which level of Town Hall can we have log launchers??


  • Not log launcher it is log logai launcher

  • I just hate this thing this is too much you have to remove this

  • I like how they say nothing can stop it and then the log launcher breaks

  • It’s suicidal

  • POG Launcher

  • Then that makes walls an extreme crap that’s too expensive to upgrade

  • Woodcutter ceased.

  • Hello

  • RIP walls. (that are expensive)

  • The log?

  • Log Lugai Launcher😎

  • Kollaalo Kali

  • Nothing can Stop the log launcher *gets stopped*

  • With all theses troops what’s the point in defenses anymore?..

  • The wall has been removed from the clan by (Leader) Supercell .

  • Clash royale cards: I fear no man Clash royale cards: but that THING? Clash royale cards: *it scares me*

  • Why did I read it as hog launcher?

  • walls are never gonna be useful again

  • In india it's called LOG LUGAI LAUNCER 😂😂😂😂

  • Who will win A wall made out of the toughest the material on earth A log

  • there no princess to log why is it here ? XD

  • Wow very good

  • “Nothing stops the log launcher” Except for itself...

  • “Nothing stops the log launcher” Also the log launcher: gets stopped

  • "Nothing can stop log launcher " But it itself does

  • Good

  • Nothing stops the log launcher Hidden Tesla: And I took that personally

    • @DOOFUS PK LL reached the Town Hall so it got wrecked.. as wall wrecker does

    • The player might have poped it manually

  • Goodbye siege machine

  • So, what's the point of using wall breaker

  • People still play CoC?? The studio should stop these BS updates... CoC 5 years ago was a game changer... Not anymore !

    • Come back buddy ... And experience Clan war leagues I hope you will change your thinking

  • But we all know the best wall breaker is earthquake spell

  • I guess I won't be upgrading walls anymore 😂😂😂

  • Walls? Who needs em?

  • Is this just a bit overkill for the walls at this point I ain’t spending my gold on walls

    • Nor me my wall are 3 level s below my town hall

  • 🙀😱🙎‍♂️

  • The_Walls21 has left the Clash Of Clans chat. Wall_Breaker45 has invited "The_Walls21" to his Discord server.

  • But walls are too expensive and now useless than ever 😐

  • Rip Archer Queen, the og wall wrecker.

  • 0:18 "Nothing stops log launcher" Also log launcher: Gets Destroyed.

  • Killdozer

  • Seige Machine: Bulldozer Very strong Armor, Instant destroy Walls and Slower than its cousin the Wall Wrecker

  • log launcher deals like 3.300 damage at very close range(like shotguns)

  • “Nothing stops the log launcher” “Gets turned into logs”


  • Clash royale: Is OP spell

  • 0.16 nothing stops log launcher.. Log launcher destroys itself😑

  • Cih!! Upgrade wall mahal mahal gk ada guna.


  • Logs can be useful I many reasons

  • Dumb

  • Me: Supertroops are damn expensive Supercell: Let’s nerf them

  • My favorite mashin

  • It's nice

  • Best SM in the game