Meet the YETI! (Clash of Clans Town Hall 13)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 5 डिसेंबर, 2019
Adorably frosty, and frostily furry-ous, the Yeti is a brand new Troop that unlocks at Town Hall 12 when you upgrade your Barracks.
It lumbers towards its targets and packs a mighty punch in those paws. But on its back, the Yeti carries a basket of Yetimites that it cares for in the cold peaks of the mountains. When the Yeti takes damage, its Yetimite friends will hop from their cozy wicker sanctuary and seek retribution. When the Yeti’s Hit Points reach zero, the remaining Yetimites break free and will swarm the enemy as they perform untold acts of mischief like hopping over Walls to deal damage or leave everyone’s shoelaces untied.

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  • We're calling for a re-chat.

  • Wait for clash royal😁😁

  • My favorite troop is yeti...🙂🙂😎😎

  • more like yeeti

  • Hindu character yeti..


  • K

  • Meet the spy

  • Hmm. Dance of the sugar plum Fairy. Interesting

  • Are they copy like the plants vs zombie garden warfare

  • What is the bgm name?


  • *YETI - I = YET + E (in the middle) = YEET*

  • Only ogs remember the Halloween hat from the barbarian and a giand skeleton who has a big bomb

  • be honest you know you thoughy they said yeet

  • This would be a sick card in clash royale

  • And they don't move fast

  • I am the 13 max

  • 2019 : Town hall has inferno. 2069 : Town hall becomes a hero n killing enemy troops. 2099 : Town hall flies off to builder base you have to attack on builder base to won.😂😂

  • I think cod copy coc music

  • Soooo ground lava hounds that don’t target stuff

  • Woah dude its the plants vs zombies gargantuar

  • Yeti would be worst troop to attack tbh

  • What is the music name

  • Te quedo muy bien el yeti e

  • 2025 - Defense targeting PEKKA


  • We want it on clash royale

  • Town paja

  • Oye Supercell mete esa Tropa al Clash Royale

  • Music name please

  • What is the title song on 0:01

  • Binod

  • Meet the YEETI

  • I thought the Yeti was a special skin for the giant like the giant skeleton..

  • Wow a reskined giant

  • I just want to know why the sound effects changed

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  • My Old Game ;)

  • Thanks for describing this game, it's good

  • I’ve always thought a yeti would fit in clash of clans for the longest time! And now it’s real!

  • Yetimites are actually fire spirit ------------ Change my mind

  • I feel like the yeti doesn't belong in clash of clans


  • Y banned my account 2 days

  • NO brawl stars

  • New card for clash royale

  • ctrl C ctrl V Maokai Saplings lmao

  • plx bring back global chat in coc plx plx

  • Gargantuar from PVZ is here



  • O que empareje en guerra

  • Sería mejor que regresarán el chat global

  • Yeety

  • والله

  • I still read it as yeet

  • Please add global chat

    • they deleted it

  • We've got a bootleg Captain America & Thor, I think many of us wanted to see if there'd be future update regarding Iron Man , cuz why not 🤷

  • Put yeti in clash royale too

  • Cool

  • Am I the only one who thinks *Yeti* looks like *Gale* of brawl stars??

  • Introducing The YEETI

  • Clash Royale New Card Votes⬇️👍

  • I Loki yeti says yeet that’s the reason I click this

  • Finally I thought the Yeti in 2013 came out but it did not so here it is :)

  • use to get leaks about yeti 5 6 yrs ago left the game returned after 5 6 yrs yeti is finally here

  • Supur 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Clash a. Rama

  • I just wan tot see your “meet the” series is literally just TF2’s “meet the” series but worse

  • Add it to Clash Royale!!!!!

  • These are the New years for meh 2018-2019-2020

  • Pues yo hubiera puesto al golem de hielo como el yeti pero que en Clash of clans sea tanque atacante y en clash royale pues ya ven que es kk xd

  • Everybody gangster until the golden gets horns

  • Yeti? More like YEET-I

  • クラロワにもくるんかな

  • Supercell goes star wars

  • Meet the yeet!

  • when i saw the title i thought it said yeet

  • "welcome to the himalayas!" "Snowcone?"

  • And just wait for this to be added to clash royale

  • Yeeti

  • The old times I'll tell ya

  • Is it just me or does just Supercell know how to play the Yeti?

  • Круто

  • I remember when people were talking about the Reaper coming out. Yeti is still pretty cool though

  • Yeetimites

  • Playing coc for more than 3 years

  • Yeppi

  • No one : Not even a single soul : Clash of clans creators : Let's make something like the goblin giant

  • Like : Ice golem and Yeti Reply : Barbarians

  • Yup, the fake troop that became real. Truly a goblin in heart

  • ❤❤❤❤❤💋

  • وااااو

  • What is it for

  • Somehow this is in my recomendation but i love clash of clans and still playing it

  • Who is watching during quarantine please stay safe and sound - a small youtuber 😄

  • Who love clash of clans

  • 0:10 veery Spoopy

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