Town Hall 12 Cup Finals Livestream - Clash of Clans

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 6 डिसेंबर, 2019
With $60,000 on the line, over 1000 Clans have Clashed their way in the Town Hall 12 Cup tournament. Now, the elite of the elite will battle face to face in an epic 5v5 Clan War on the stage at ESL in Katowice, Poland. You can't miss a single moment, from the first Troop deployed to the last sizzle of the Giga Tesla, welcome to the ESL Town Hall 12 Cup Finals livestream!
Let's meet the Clans competing in this exciting stream!
Team eleVen Original ( eleVen_Original)
Team Queso ( TeamQueso_CoC)
Team Nova Esports ( NovaEsportsTeam)
Team WHF ( WHFclan)
Each Clan will battle a best of 1 Clan War to reach the finals, where the two finalist Clans will battle a best of 3 Clan War for the grand prize of $60,000!
Hosted by MrBanks from ESL, join our casters CarbonFin, Woody, and we're proud to introduce our newest caster: Clash Bashing! Along with Technical Analyst Judo Sloth, be prepared for some of the most exciting Clash of Clans competition you've ever seen!

Esports League (ESL): ESLClashofClans
CarbonFin: CarbonFinGaming
Woody: WoodyTalks
MrBanks: iammrbanks
Clash Bashing: ClashBashing
Judo Sloth Gaming: JudoSloth

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- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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  • COC need to change a lot, they should think why everyone was using LaLo . When everyone is using same army, it means your game is not having any kind of variation at all

    • @Akhilesh Chunam I know but read my comment , I have said something else

    • Lava loon has very high contingency and is very phase based. So its kind of risky to do in all situations


  • Gak bisa bahasa Inggris

  • 9:53 nobody gonna mention the commentator and what he's doing with his freaking pen ?

    • Dk what u mean i always do that when im thinking :/

  • Get to the chappah!!! Yahyyy yayheeey yayyyyhl *arnold accent** get in heyyaayyh make money clash royal yehaahyeee * your accent * exactly like Arnold’s 😂😂 good video brother thanks for sharing!

  • I will do anything in coc for you paid services available

  • 0:01-6:32 music?

  • hi

  • This commentary sucks😅✋

  • Do you know what the beginning song with saxophone is called?

  • Wut's sup guys i am exited to watch CLASH OF CLAN TH12 BOI!!!

  • Idk why im here...

  • Every time I look at clash bashing I just say LOOK AT THE HAIRLINE

  • Shouout please you amazing gamers

  • Make the world of Clash of Clans bigger in game 😚

  • wow my boyfriend lexnos is there

  • new sub

  • Team queso 😔✌️

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    • Translated into human speak (kinda): an alarm ran due to a guitar not being able to pass a dimple? Yeah these bot comments are dumb.

  • 12 K each do they not have a job that’s like six months of minimum wage😂

    • @Mitch Cook hmm

    • @Beast Titan not too sure depends on the player and the team they are in

    • @Mitch Cook oh really how much is that

    • @Beast Titan it's not just the tournament money they are paid a salary

    • @Mitch Cook not much

  • Link

  • Clash of clans is dieing I quit.

    • From what I've heard people are spending more money on clash in 2020 than any other year

  • WHF level 33 wtf?

  • Where I can find all these bases?

  • 1:11:11

  • 57:15

  • 34:15

  • That random teammate who just spams all the edarag and some loons gets a three star but these top players who are putting their best looking at all the rotation their troops will do, all the possibilities of traps ,are struggling to get three stars. Moral off the story is hard work pays off by just saying thnx. 😂😂😂

    • Using simple E-Drag spam would get absolutely demolished by these bases.

  • It starts at 6:37

  • If they lose connection right when they're about to star the main phase of the attack, that would NOT be good

  • Congratulations To Eleven Original

  • A clan level 33 is that even illegal

    • Developer's built coc app

  • I lost my village How can I back my village

    • contact supercell support

    • jasim khan sorry but u lost it for ever

  • If you see this you now goose

  • Disclaimer!!: The first hour and a half was completely LaLoon except for the occasional Pekka Smash 2 star

  • nice video game Android Gaming

  • I play clash of clans too but I’m only town hall 6 and I have about 926 trophies and yo eVe flossy if you see this I just found your clan and I know it’s you because of you eVe flossy and that’s so cool i told my clan about you!

  • I can’t be the only one trying to move the screen

  • They should put beakers lab

  • Look at my Videos for nice bases

  • 10:53 you can’t hide your bed internet

  • Brush feels bad who names their kid after a purple dinosaur (Barney)

  • Why do they need headphones

  • Lol people stream this

  • Why aren`t there a Danish team?!

  • top up ID:RAHUL

  • 43:18 he had a stroke

  • 1:18:10 music name??

  • I watched about 20 minutes of it before I couldn’t take the commentary from the dude along side bash I mean he might not have played clash more than 5 times in his life

  • Communication is a key. With the healers?

  • Holy hell bash look weird with that Mohawk

  • 40:11 grandpa at 29? Wow you really know how to make someone feel good about their age

    • 20:45 don't forget the baby at 19yrs old lol

    • KEKW it’s a joke

  • why is this a thing

  • 3:29:19

  • What an annoying voiced commentator, spoiled the hype

  • Pils met cemon to global

  • When u watch the whole thing.

  • i would like to have a set of those.

  • That’s right Woody

  • 44:25 Best timing ever... You are not going to a better one...

  • cual de todos estos jugadores estan en el top de COC, no conosco a ninguno, en el top solo veo al tal DR MU jaja

    • Ahh y debes de tener un equipo, eso cuesta dinero creo, no solo basta con que tengas un clan

    • No cualquiera entra a estos torneos solo por estar en el top y tener aldea al maximo, se debe de ser bueno para entrar a los torneos

    • Dr mujtaba no es jugador profesional, solo compra cuentas que están en el top, estos son jugadores profesionales

  • I am so posed to wach this, in their chanels they teach to kil aq and artileri first... But all attacks went somehow wrong.

  • How can I join in such clan tournament

  • Is it a miscue when you can't control where the character goes or is it just the game

    • @Logan if i did that's the point... Its dumb especially when troops divide off for no reason

    • @Citrusy its actually Random and you can do your best to get them to do what you want but its not he AI that controls the match

    • trounbyfire ur problem

  • Youzi Pi wasn't there though. Tough match!

  • Thats right woody

  • yo

  • good content. I love this game


  • kamaun

  • Hey are electro drags banned from this cup??

  • الف مبروك لفريك الاصفر والله اول ما تابعت الفيديو شجعتهم

  • I'm just happy that Renee 'Sid the Sloth' and CarbonFin the 5 year old aren't commentating! Great choice!

  • Duuude I hated that bearded guy! Bring back the guy with the mohawk for real. He'd get all fired up but clearly have no clue what was going on or even where his sentence was headed lol

  • Лп топовый чел

  • Does people still play this dead game lmao

  • $60,000 split between 5 people...$12k each and then even less after taxes. Damn not much coming from a game that made the company billions of dollars. Sure they didn't have to host tournaments at all and didn't even have to put money on the line but come on. At least give these guys something they can put towards their future. People make $12k in a few months.

    • @Harry Friend This game is way more than just tapping. Some people have spent 12k just on in game purchases..

    • @Harry Friend ofc it is when you put it like that. but these players work so incredibly hard. After all the time and work they put into practicing and building bases maybe they deserve a bit more. Plus they’re not making 12k. the 60k goes to their org. They get paid by the org so they could be making less.

    • Imagine making 12k over being good at a game, you legit just gotta sit and tap your phone and you're getting thousands, it's a lot, you're just spoilt ong

    • @Littles - Rucoy yah I know

    • @shaun simon very very little...

  • привет всем напеши ответ

    • Привет. Будь братухой подпишись на мой канал👍

  • get back the global chet plz

  • th 6+ join my clan uncletomscabin

  • I think Judo breakdowns are incredibly interesting for someone who really likes the game and wants to learn about it.

  • Wen does the th12 cup finish? Or has it already??

  • Goblok rugi koe mlebu yutub gk roto

  • It’s really nice that a lot of my feelings are already voiced in the comments.

  • “thats right 100% for 3 star, that will make a huge difference” *Yes*

  • whens the update?

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  • Wow sow amazing attack

  • اكوً عرب🌚✌🏻

  • Kaal finally th13 ayega 10000000000 % sure about that....✌

  • Hi Nick

  • OMG BASH!?!?!?! Lol he’s so much shorter than I thought

  • you can back the global

  • Goodbye Tournament TOWN HALL 12.

  • 😍😍

  • Th13

  • Someone should make links to these bases so I can copy them 😂

  • Woody just likes to flip a pen and act important...