World Championship #2 Qualifier Day 2 - Clash Of Clans

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 25 जुलै, 2020
Are you feeling the heat yet? That's not the summer sun smiling down on us; we've just cranked up the competition and we're just getting started! Day 2 of the World Championship Qualifier #2 is about to begin and after yesterday's eliminations, each winning team moves one step closer to snatching that Golden Ticket and earning a spot at the World Finals. But first, the teams will need to battle their way to tomorrow's semi-finals. With every Clan as determined as their opponents, who will be able to stake their claim on the $1,000,000 prize pool?
Cheer on the 8 Clans as they push their abilities to the limit and show your support by following their progress on their social media channels!
From the in-game Clan War Leagues:
Vatang - VatangCoC
eleVen Original - eleven_original
From ESL Play:
Unicorns of Love - uol_coc
Euronics Gaming - EuronicsGaming
PENTA - Penta_Sports
Nova Esports - NovaEsportsTeam
Euronics Gaming vs. Townhall.Legend
Unicorns of Love vs. eleVen Original
Nova Esports vs. TBD
Vatang vs. TBD
Our talented casters and hosts are here to break down the details of each match as they take you through every Clashy moment.
Caster: CarbonFin -
Caster: Woody - WoodyTalks
Caster: Clash Bashing!! -
Analyst: LadyB -
Host: Mr. Banks - IamMrBanx
A special "Post Match Show" after each qualifier will be streamed by Clash With Eric, hosted on the Clash of Clans Twitch channel!
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  • Hey fellows. Can someone explain me this. I just beginned playing this game for a while and now I reached over 1500 trophies point. Some people raided me but they seem to lose on purpose because they all were much stronger than me and could have won easuly. I've been wondering why?

    • Because they want to go to the lower league. Lower league means easier opponent to raid.

  • How do I get back my banned account anyone who assist there is a reward because I used a lot of money on that account guyz help

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  • Often the heroes do the opposite, when it feels too bad,

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  • The first attack he lost because he should send the healer with the queen not with the warden

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  • leave the job of commetary to the carbonfin guys

  • woody has no idea what he is talking about for most part

  • Lady b is proper hot

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  • (Victorious Rays) rebuilding the clan!! Welcome all!

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  • Our clan may never make the world championships, but they will continue to support each other for years to come.

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    • @Tinevimbo Hamandishe lol it's sad man my supercell id was hacked and now playing in my brother's account

    • @Tinevimbo Hamandishe try clicking on settings tab then help and support tab then contact us tab and write a nice message. Good luck!

    • How to I unban my account

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  • Woody, chill dude. You don't need to scream bloody murder.

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  • Me: *Watching first 2 groups fights thinking it'll finish in 30 mins* Mom: Stop watching! It's been an hour Me: What!? It's been an hour already??

  • Dude, ngl this would've been 100x better if woody wasn't in it.

    • Woody sux

  • We all know who the winner Gon be some random Chinese person

    • @Fretful Toast but there's not one winner, its a clan so shut up if you don't know what you're talking about

    • @Moon. get your Asians right, you're talking about a free mobile game 😂

    • Buddy its clan wars and they're all pros. Get your facts right

  • added settlement population I am from Indonesia

  • Bring back chat global please

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    • Global was 💩

  • spoilers: warning missed that air defense with the freeze on his last attack of the day..

  • lady b is so annoying just because guys think she's hot is only reason she's here

    • @LadyB not gonna apologize. I find most casters annoying though so I'm sure you've already forgotten it lol

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  • "vatang coming from warning", carbon sure is excited lol

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  • Is my clan in this

  • 55:05 look at the eagle shots dancing around I find it pretty cool when that happens

  • This is quite possibly the saddest thing i’ve ever seen in my life

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  • CarbonFin looks innocent 😆😆😊

  • yes woody is hella annoying, but his arms...

  • I dont understand why some people are showing so much hatred towards Woody. What is the problem with you guys. He is an amazing caster. Show some modesty.

    • Same, idrk what is so annoying about him

  • Who wants global chat like so coc can see

  • Who wants global chat like so coc can see

  • Another great production, great call from 3 pro streamers, shame about woody, sub him please.

    • Woody bring something else to the table, he’s a bit loud, excited but he’s passionate, why would you want another analysis like carbon commentating when you can have a good analysis(carbon) and another caster who can bring something else. Stick two carbons in casting it’s boring imo.

    • Commentating is a skill, I don't think he has the analysis skills of carbon, bash or Eric who all play the game to a high level. Just like the esports scene has taken off, the streaming community has grown stronger. I think SC should choose the best streamers for the flagship event. The previous list plus Adam all do a better job. I accept that who you like to listen too is personal pref, fair enough if you both prefer him to others.

    • @lance loone exactly, why should they, he's a known sc caster

    • Kiwi Nutta7 explain why? Can’t say sub him without justification so please enlighten us

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  • replace woody ! he's so annoying ,he doesn't even know what he talking about

  • Townhall legend fought through all these clans just to lose lol

  • Woody is so cringe. Please SC, get another caster please! He doesn't even understand the game!

  • Lighting first Carbonfin are awesome