Clash of Clans World Championship Finals - Day 2 Livestream

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 26 ऑक्टोबर, 2019
The competition has been narrowed down to the final 4 Clans as the best of the best battle for eternal Clash glory where 2 of these incredible teams will make their way to tomorrow's grand finale. Only the mighty have made it this far so cheer them on and don't miss a single moment of Day 2 in this exciting chapter of Clash of Clans history!
Each Clan will battle 2 Wars against their opponent as we livestream the 2nd War of each Clan. Hosted by René from ESL, join our casters CarbonFin and Woody along with Technical Analyst Judo Sloth, be prepared for some of the most exciting Clash of Clans competition you've ever seen!
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- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
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- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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  • Amazing

  • First attack 25:35

  • Op Synthe op 🔥

  • Op eryam op 🔥

  • Op 🔥 try hard

  • woody: there's soooo many baloons... one second later... no baloons left :D

  • Woee di lihat war liga lawan gak sebimbang th12 suruh nyerang th13 kapan menangnya!!!! 7kali war urutan bawah, lawan th13 semua, clan saya th13 cuma 7, dapatnya lawan 15 semuabth13, yang atur war liga gak becus atau memang di sengaja biar gak SE imbang!!!

  • where did trig gamings clan level go

  • supr

  • Nova the best

  • i love this game very very much but I am in th6 i want to join in world championship plz i am maxed out everything

  • One of theese guys once attacked me and I made him PAY

  • whoever reads this message I hope you are having a great time! Clash on! I'm gonna play this game again! ❤️💪

  • I Like clash of clans


  • 1:25:18. Man really said “That helium” bruh there’s no helium in air balloons

  • Carbon be giving me a death stare

  • Who tf would sit 2hrs of some nerd playing clash of clans😭😂

  • Town 13 max

  • noobs

  • MCES


  • 57:50

  • This rene is so iritating

  • Jodo sloth!!!!!

  • Dijo que Rogotorres es de españa :v

  • My town hall lvl 5

  • Lenaide is amazing.

  • watch withzack the best youtuber

  • hola

  • CarbonFin annoys me, can someone tell him to look straight ahead of the camera!

  • 13

  • anybody given our id of coc full max th 10 or 9

    • @Idf Matkal in free

    • sure 10k$ :)

  • Persian players are the best players in the world ? دمتونگرم

  • Руски

  • 44:10

  • 44:05

  • 44:25

  • 44:50

  • 45:05

  • 45:15

  • кто русский

  • اول عراقي هوة اني يعلق❤🙏😇

  • 😂😂

  • Global, needs to come back. I’m leader of RoyalArmies lvl 11 clan. Looking for strong players lol

    • I’m RealmForce lvl 239 th12 of RoyalArmies lvl 11 clan

  • Ok I'm done, this commentator (Not Carbonfin) just called canons "defensive turrets"

  • Restore Global Chat

  • NOVA

  • Pongan d nuevo el chat global mamones

  • Plzz give back global chat

  • Please back the global chat pleaseee

  • I’m glad to see Haley Joel Osment has found work as a clash commentator. I’ve been worried about that guy.

    • I have a sixth sense for clash 👻

  • MCES

  • Data users 25:00

  • Does anyone else get the problem where you buy something and you don't get the stuff. I bought the builder pack and it said payment succesful, but no didn't get the builder hut or the 500 gems. Please help

  • Carbonfins commentary was great, but the other guy was super cringe.

  • Global chat

  • When are they going to upload the finals????

  • 毛豆把 Terry 换下很关键。 terry 确实太拖后腿,不能三星不说,每次百分比还都很低

  • اكو عرب بلقبيله

  • 1:28:04 Defensive king has her ability? Umm never knew king is a she and has ability in defense....damn I really miss galadon

  • Watch 30 min,wooo goosebumps 😱😱😱 thank me later

  • indonesia gak ada ya

  • We need global chat back otherwise we leave coc

  • Join my clash of clans clan Valence starter clan help me grow please🙏

  • My clan is literally at war against Nova right now in a regular match war- we are a champs 1 clan (COC Hog Wars) and we got destroyed. These guys literally are the best.

  • Just two words: GLOBAL CHAT

  • Anyone else confused about global chat

  • Most of the blokes have probably never seen a woman before hiding in there rooms playing COC.

  • They should of held this in someone's living room with the size of crowd compare that to fortnight that's why COC is Dead

  • Yang dari indonesia Like

  • We want global back

  • No, no estás sol@ aquí hay algo en castellano :)

  • The Clan TRibe Gaming is lvl 32 ????

  • 💪❤️💪

  • Si tu est un français like

  • Bring back global chat or I'll haunt you by transforming into Mr. Spookball

  • Hey Guys, just finished uni and want to get back into CoC I’m quite a new th10 not rushed rushed but a bit in front.I want to work on my base and troops a lot more now and become that bit closer to max.But I need a good active clan with good donations to help me with that if anyone has a good clan leave me the code (In a reply to this comment), I’m 23 so I’m mature and also down for a good laugh. Thanks Guys!

    • Join my clan, Lvl 3 Clan, The name of the clan is "Bird's Paradise" with the Blue Yellow Badge.

  • @itzu. No dev build no triples lolololololol

  • Pudiera concurzqr

  • Why are you guys leaving Vietnam ?? Millions of Vietnamese people have lost their nick to play because you have closed the server. We love this game so much, we don't want to have to fake our ID to Singapore to play anymore. Hope you back. please...

  • same lady also host pmco final barlin 2019 does any know it.

  • فاشلين بالهجوووووم

  • 23:33 he looks like james Charles mixed with Matt from studio c

    • High quality of the year and

  • Coc wll be dead wthout glbal chat

  • хуйня

  • Good job

  • I am so disappointed from d Dark looters

  • When there's a will there's a wei

  • OMG

  • We want global chat🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Kuresel geri gelsin

  • Ur alive

  • good

  • #1 and #2 seeded clan collapses . stars of mces and nova combined could fill up those empty chairs at the venue it should be done at US

  • wheres mudkee he should be there rather than vale

  • Love ❤️❤️🧨💘

  • I was hoping tribe gaming but noooo , feeling very sad

  • Огонь

  • $1,000,000 prize pool. I wonder how its shared out? :)