King of Clash Trivia Show Feat. Party King! (Clash of Clans)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 31 ऑगस्ट, 2020
Join your magnanimous royal rock star, the Party King, while he power chords as the host of the 8th Clashiversary trivia challenge. A battle of wits (or a lack of...) is about to begin where two content creators take on two members of the Clash of Clans dev team to see who knows more about Clash trivia. When the glitter settles, who will reign supreme?
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  • Here we got the slash from guns n roses.

  • Daora

  • I really love the barbarian king

  • مقطع حلو بس مافي ترجمة عربية تمنيت لو فيه والله اسكن ملك البربري حلو حمد الله انه عندي

  • Pls bring back the party king skin pls i lost it pls

  • merhaba yada hi

  • Wait a minute barbarian king is talk!!!

  • Plot twist: the party king is just the barbarian king in disguise

  • I want to see a clash of clans movie soon 🤩

  • I see rematch but free people against Galladon

  • Wheres the Party Queen? *Attacking a wall in CWL*

  • We need bd flag in coc

  • Sub indooooo????

  • Superpoivre

  • hey creators please make a party queen in 0ct3 that shoots disc and the animation is that the party queen is holding a disc bow for cooler action buts why pirate queen?

  • Clash of Clans Good game but i found new glitch brown trees

  • Who came from Galadon Gaming

  • Ahlan, Super Sale Company, I love you and I play Clash of Clans a lot, but you rose to my village. I hope you respond to me and thank you

  • Well that's new

  • Thanks tho the brazilian subtitles

  • I could've gone the rest of my life not knowing what Darian looks like 😂

  • Galadon is much intelligent

  • I need one upgrade in coc is donating elixir dark elixir and gold

  • 9and half minutes of my life wasted

  • I wanna die.

  • Is it just me or does Darian lips look werid

  • خوب خیلی خوب

  • Plz do anything supercell . I m in a clan and I m getting kicked 9 to 10 times . The clan name is indian fighters . And the player who was continuosly kicking out is aakash sadh . He is ver bad bay .. so super cell I have a kind request to u to ban his account forever plz I will be very happy .

  • in minute 5:00 between minute 5:23, that was very obvious to me

  • Вступайте в клан гремлины там был я там был Леха

  • Does the chick ever do anything but look nice?

  • This was hella cringe

  • Please Get the Royal Champion new Skins, in lingerie and a other cool stuff

  • Hohhot

  • Love it !

  • Who tf is lady b

  • Lady B is pretty

  • 1:18 :)

  • Love how the game characters are given some life in them like no other game

  • Lady B = dumb dumb

  • Why was Lady B invited ? She only has 11K subscribers. They should have invited Beaker's Lab, He has 1M

  • Who knew the king was British

  • Supercell please bring super troops in th 10 please it is req

  • my king looks exactly the same as it appears at the video.

  • Where skin Royale champion

  • The best of the best

  • Lady b is so hot damn

  • NO

  • ❤️

  • Good

  • How many times did Galadon do 🤟?

  • The need to make a movie

  • Here are some gameplay suggestions : - Put an icon of SuperTroops next to name of the clan member, so everybody can see what can be requested - Show the last war result / achieved stars next to the clan member at the selection stage, so leaderships could follow performance - Let the "normal" units to be buildable next to the SuperTroops (like if you have SuperArcher then you can recruit normal Archers) - SuperWitch needs rebalancing as the housing number is too high. It ruins the fun of combination with other cc units, so please decrease the stats of the Big Boy as a compensation. - CC donation on cw screen should give some reward. - SuperTroops would be more fun if two of them could be bought. More combination, more battles. - Introduce the discovery of gunpowder at the next Building Base town hall, so new units could arrive to the village (like Musketeer) - New SuperTroops : Battle Angel (can heal flying units or it can revive barbarians, archers in a zone) - New siege machines : Goblin Catapult, Flying Machine, Sparky - Some units or temporary spells could be unlocked in story mode or at te Builing Base Clash on! :)

  • I'm sorry.... I just couldn't handle the Cringe 😂

  • I love this game

  • You can’t buy the party king with gems 😡

  • I just loved it!!!!


  • why not sumit

  • Im falling in love❤️ with this game again, this time i won't stop playing (if i have to).

  • Party king should have his own yt channel

  • Maravilloso, saludos desde colombia

  • I love Clash of clans

  • And the winner is ME😂😂😂😂😂😂that was a killin move

  • Lol The Party King legit made my jaws drop when he said he was the winner lol

  • This is super entertaining

  • I absolutely love this about Clash if Clans. They are genius in making several forms of entertainment out of their games

  • Damn this is amazing

  • a king is king rock and roll king

  • Mallu

  • Love clash of clans

  • Alguém do Brasil aqui ?

  • Lets make a new super troop "SUPER HEALER" for QUEEN CHARGE at TH. 11 and more

  • This game is sucks

  • I want global chat pls

  • Clan war league is not fare for everyone because if someone one clan had higher level towan hall the lower town hall clan will sure loose because higher towan hall clan will change members and can’t attack so please change members is not fare and opponents should be according to their clan member capacity Too many people are unsatisfied of clan war league super cell I want to only suggest you from too many friends thank you

  • Arp

  • Imagine if king had a real voice in game

  • galadons voice does NOT match his appearance at all

  • Party king just like hulk hogan

  • India will ban COC due to Tencent investment 😂😂

  • 8:12 like motherfu**😂

  • I love question round And king voice is same as trump

  • Wait galadon , god father 😝😝😝

  • Why not party queen :'

  • Dat gal lady b look so gorgeous 🥰🥰🥰

  • I think if we get emots in Clash of clan for heroes waoo it's so good........ Think about this guys..

  • Ahmed LovE

  • شبيه الكلاش زربان

  • 🤣🤣

  • Lady b barely did anything lol

  • رسالة الى جميعين لاعبي كلاش العرب والاكراد اذا دعمتموني وعد مني ان كل ٤ايام اشحن مجوهرات بقيمة ٥٠ دولار امريكي اذا وصلنا الى خمس الاف لابدا بمحتواي الكلاش و بوبجي حطوا لايك 👍واشتركوا وفعلوا جرس تنبيهات

  • هل من عربي هنا 😍😍😍

  • The best game of its era

  • نلمز

  • حهعغ

  • I am playing this game from 2016 proud to be a clash of clans player

  • my love games calsh of calns

  • انا محمد KING SYRIA n😊

  • Why in 0:15 the font reminds me of backyard monster