World Championship #3 Qualifier FINALS - Clash of Clans

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 30 ऑगस्ट, 2020
It’s the final day of the World Championship Qualifier #3 and only the strongest four Clans are left! With thunder and lightning raining destruction from above, only one Clan will emerge from the devastation with the Golden Ticket in-hand and secure their place at the 2020 World Championship Final. Who will move one step closer to the $1,000,000 prize pool?
Cheer on the 8 Clans as they push their abilities to the limit and show your support by following their progress on their social media channels!
Semifinals Matchups:
Ni Chang Dance vs. eleVen Original
Nova Esports vs. H.T Family
Vatang vs. Resistence
Grand Final:
Semifinal 1 winner vs. Semifinal 2 winner
ESL Play Teams:
Activit-E - ActiVitE_eSport
QueeN Walkers
Ni Chang Dance
CWL Teams:
Hagure MetaL
Nova Esports - NovaEsportsTeam
eleVen Original - eleven_original
H.T Family
Our talented casters and hosts are here to break down the details of each match as they take you through every Clashy moment.
Host: Mr. Banks - IamMrBanx
Caster: Judo Sloth -
Caster: Woody - WoodyTalks
Caster: Clash Bashing!! -
Analyst: CarbonFin -
A special "Post Match Show" after each qualifier will be streamed by LadyB, hosted on the Clash of Clans Twitch channel!
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  • 1:31:34 how do u'all😂

  • I love woody

  • que comprado el h t famyly

  • what a finals

  • NIce! :)

  • H.T Family is awesome gets 1 star duo to connection lost and still win 13-11

  • Remove Woody! Add lex!

  • Why no one wearing mask?

  • I love woody tho lol

  • Judo sounds annoying assf

  • Thanks of all my friends 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • WOODY HAS SO MUCH ENERGY, if woody is not there I’ll be disappoint. Although carbonfin my favorite commentator.

  • "Battle Blimp go brr" -Woody

  • Bro please help need th 13 players for champion clan war league PLZZ unranked clan direct we will hit champion ,we always do this please need help lvl 12 clan

  • 100% of comments of world championship past livestreams: remove woody

  • ok why does erveryone hate woody

  • Week late I know, but woody has got to be on uppers to 1) physically keep that up for 4 hours, and 2) think it sounded good enough to keep up for 4 hours. It was like watching someone redline their engine. You know it’s gonna explode but no way to know exactly when lmao

  • Why HT family didn't got DQ as happed with dark tangent coc sucks

  • the voice of casters are so cringy.

  • 3:02:00

  • My ears will never be the same... 😂😂😂

  • Add Pakistani flag in new update

  • Looks like woody was in real pain 🤣🤣

  • Bjir dah lama main coc, baru tau kalo ada turnamennya

  • No sense to create a competitive for this game 😹😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Clash of clans is dead. Clash Royale is better

    • COC AND CR have different gameplay🤷‍♂️

  • So I came here to rip woody apart too, but seeing how many people have already done it actually kinda makes me feel sorry for him lol. He did ruin that last war tho

  • Where is the next live?

  • Imagine if they were versing th1’s and forgot how to play coz it was too easy lol.

  • 53:00

  • Mr Bank so handsome.. haha

  • Wow, I lost track from this game since TH 11. Let's see the final first. Maybe I'll install CoC again and play again

  • DoA good Job

  • Judo sloth sounds like od pixel of clash

  • I support eve khaly


  • I like woody. Keep him!

  • nice

  • gg nice play

  • Does anyone else wonder if Woody reads these comments? All I'm saying is, it would be a great way to improve his professional career.

  • Judo and Carbon can sync in better than woody. Substitute woody with Carbon


  • Final one... Booms.....mega attacks 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Wow

  • منو عربي يدخل بكلاني

  • When will be the next match I am exited

  • why dont they let the player who off the internet play again?

  • I don’t know why there are all the negative comments about the commentator. He is energetic. Why is the Clash of Clans community does not like his commentating? If this community is that much toxic, he can easily do better in another esport.

    • Ok, then let him go to another Esport so he can stop ruining this one. Great solution Tony 😂😂

  • ชอบ

  • Indah pada massa nya 😭😭😭😭

  • Get woody to LEAVE, or we will DISLIKE THE HECK OUT OF IT!!!

  • Woody is an absolute idiotic spaz, and I don't care what anyone says.

  • Или ещё зачем нужен 12.13 или нужен не или 11нт хорошо ✊✊👍👍

  • 😂😂✊✊👎👎💔💔

  • 16:02..OH NO 🗣..😂😂

  • @Bangskot

  • Why is everyone talking about woody? just mute and watch the game.

  • dat loon though

  • As a Clash royale esport Fan this is kind of dumb

  • Coc is not just game it's emotion❤️


  • My I'd YLV2QLYLU please give gold pass

  • اكو عرب بالطياره 😂😂✈✈✈✈

  • All comments r on woody lol,😂😂

  • Sir I want to join tournament my th 9

  • Oh noooooooo

  • Ht family nice attack 😍😍

  • This is so cringe

  • The grown men who play mobile games for a living seems cringe. I imagine in 10 years they will be back to obscurity as another game gains popularity and they e developed no new skills

  • 2:50:20 rip my ears

  • 1:23:30 why the hell didn’t he drop the rest of troop woulda been a easy 3 star. Lol he was just being nice I guess

    • shashank sabharwal he was able to use it towards the end. Never had that happen to me before an sucks to happen in a tournament like that

    • That was a disconnect bro... Even he didnot use the warden ability watch it ... 😑..

  • Strangers227

  • Last battle WOODY broke my ear

  • I want HT family win from heart but that wizard and balloon broke my heart

  • so woody? i think maybe if we didn't have to see his face right after his dramatic screams, it will make more sense. hearing him scream and seeing right afterward is weird as hell. theres a reason why we don't see commentators in football.

  • queen walkers, nova esports, eleven original cannot match up with the new clans because they are still using last years attacks. queen walks laloon? really? cant compete with the new boys, sad to see.

  • Have Anyone notice the skin of the queen😂😂🤭🤭😦😦

  • if you subscribe you will have 25 years of good luck

  • Land mc when is the Final...??

  • I need some th 13 best attacker for esl 64

  • H T Family was the better option for the golden ticket

  • I hate judos face so much

  • Oh I can watch a fifty minute video Two hours later Hmmm something’s wrong here

  • Please woody shut your mouth

  • Galadon and klaus we're better

  • وين العرب

  • Hahahaha woody commentry so much passion it sounded like a rugby world cup final🤣🤣 made me laugh

  • Wow nice idol. I love coc. Sending my support. I hope you do the same to me around. Thanks

  • when your looking at the comments and its all about how bad woody is

    • Woody: Uncivilized human being

    • jyr557 ohh ya just saw it and could not stand woody jk I love it

    • @Rohit Pagala one of the announcers

    • Are you talking about toy story

    • jyr557 who is woody

  • Listen guys casters are entertaining with their own way woody was fine yes he was overreacting but same as clash bash and judo woody is fine end of story

  • I wish there was something would just mute woody anytime he gets to a certain volume. The whole video would be improved if there was

  • COC please let go of Woody. I tune into almost every broadcast but I couldn’t handle how cringey and overwhelming Woodys commentary was. Very strange man and very much took away from your broadcast with him commentating. Please fix this.

  • Awesome

  • Woody needs to be quiet

  • I enjoyed all the attacks but woody ruined it all with his annoying loud noise 🙄🙄

  • 2:15:59 Ni Chang Dance VS H.T Family Greatest Finals I have ever seen 😱😱😱

  • Ban Woody

  • Could hear Woody even after putting the video on mute 🤯

  • Woody got me dying laughing 😂😜

  • 3aбеū в пoucke тeлeгu @slives6969 тaм kyчa зaпрeщëнku