Sneaky Goblin Who?! (Clash of Clans Super Troops #2)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 26 मार्च, 2020
Although this green gremlin has clearly been skipping leg day, he has been working on his thieving skills. While having almost triple the amount of hit points and DPS would be enough to set him apart from his punier alter ego, he’s not called “sneaky” for no reason. The Sneaky Goblin starts off stealthed when deployed, rendering him invisible to Defenses for the first few seconds after being deployed.
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  • reminds me of the goblin in the strongman's cage

  • thanks sir

  • Supercell why does .org never Whispersync health

  • I use goblins to loot drills Wth wouldn't I spend 50k on them?

  • And then he was arrested and sent to clash royale,later he was used as the Goblin Cage

  • They are highly useful tbh

  • This is my primary troop

  • Thats Shrek Without His Donkey

  • Just one of these guys can destroy a max collector of any resource. Just makes farming much more fun, especially when they have the potential to snipe the Town Hall.

  • Supercell pls do something

  • My clan kicked me out and what about my clan games rewards. I'm just 12

  • This is my favourite super troop Sneaky goblins ❤️❤️❤️ Great for farming 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • I do NOT regret upgrading my Goblins to unlock them. A while back I thought it was a waste of elixer since I never use Goblins.


  • He learnt it from the sneaky archer

  • People say superheroes masks wouldn’t actually work, are you sure? We didn’t even realise that this is the goblin that went to prison in Clash-a-Rama 😱

  • this is just Goblin Brawler from the Goblin Cage but with disguise and INVISIBLITY

  • Leon in CoC.

  • 90s music

  • Brand new ability sneaky archer: what about me?

  • Im still not going to upgrade my lvl 1 goblin

  • Dude this guy is huge

  • “Brand new ability”

  • My new clash of clans gaming channel

  • Wizard is the best

  • Nice video

  • Max th10 and all I used was goblins since th7🤷‍♂️

  • 0:22 its that a super valkyrie

  • 0:23 Its that super valkyrie

  • super goblins when being chased by the bk cant touch this

  • Kto rucckii


  • kyawni

  • Bring back global chat

  • Кто Русский лайк, посмотрим сколько нас)

  • Bhai mai jab cwl start kartahu or players change nhi hote par kyu

  • We want global chat

  • My mom:hey did you spend the money? If you did your grounded Me:i- .....

  • hI ok

  • young thug brought me here

  • Didn't know teenage mutant ninja turtles and supercell collabed!

  • this just the day night troops

  • Hmm yes

  • How do we train normal and supper differently man it takes lots of space , normal is worth then thia super troops.

  • wow is very good

  • When you realise he steals everything, even Sneaky Archer's ability.

  • If someone is willing to a three star air attack using town hall10 then you must see video uploaded by Gilito 3636

  • Goblin became invisible 😀😀😀😀 it seems to be funny sometimes😀😀

  • This is why you need to log into clash of clans

  • The goblin from the goblin cage at clash royale....

  • So this is what John Cena is doing lately.

  • Please bring back global chat!! Super cell developer. Because it so very hard to find a new member. No body accept my invitation cause i don't know he is still active player. Plsssssss bring back global chat🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Warcraft???????

  • Let's just say all the super troops are copies of troops from builder basement the difference is they made the cloak ability for the goblin and not archer.

  • Is the boost permanent? Or will be end after certain times

  • Hay

  • How I can open these troops

  • Upgraded to today’s professional burglers

  • *me at 3 am*

  • Goblin cage dude, but before he was jailed

  • B A D

  • We need global chat back, it's the only way Clash of clans will be revived.

  • Release a movie on clash of clan supercell team, mim 2 hour movie and it will go on trending of each th one movie

  • We need global chat

  • We Need globle chat

  • The game is joss

  • You guys are going down and down while other games are upgrading . At least add voice chat and mic if possible And A Pakistani Flag As Well Our Pakistani Players are on the Top In Global Like Dr Mujtba Just add a Pakistani Flag and voice chat, Typing sucks now

  • You guys are going down and down while other games are upgrading . At least add voice chat and mic if possible And A Pakistani Flag As Well Our Pakistani Players are on the Top In Global Like Dr Mujtba Just add a Pakistani Flag and voice chat, Typing sucks now

  • Can they defend? I had them in my cc to test them out but they DONT come out of the cc to defend against any troops, ground or air! Is this a glitch?

  • Nice

  • How do i get them

  • Please do an upgrade on the builder base. My builder base has been fully upgraded for the last two months so it doesn’t do me any good to even play that base. Thank you


  • can anyone tell me how to get copyright to upload clash of clans videos?

  • Supercell and clash المحترمين نريد المزيد من التحديثات ل قاعدة البناء بالإضافة ل تعزيز قوة آلة المعركة لأنها كتير ضعيفة مقارنة ب مكانتها في قاعدة البناء ملاحظة إذا ممكن دعم تقنية 3d أثناء إعادة مشاهدة الهجمة

  • Servor problem every time

  • Goblins are the fastest alongside Minions and Miners in COC.

  • Quem quer q a supercell volte com o global da o like para eles verem.

  • The sneaky goblin is now much sneakier and much faster and much faster collecting as well

  • I love the Sneaky Goblin

  • Where is Michaelangelo's nunchaku ? *crowbar?*

  • лол

  • I love coc

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  • Plz add Pakistan flag also in coc

  • We need global chat

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  • I had also updated

  • I am not able to get these update

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  • All this new updates has change the game completely to a whole new level . WP supercell

  • Where is super archer?


  • I can’t wait for the golem to stun defenses while it hits.

  • Guess ROBERY BOB took it too the next level

  • Super Archer?

  • Every body gangsta until archer Queen had a baby goblin

  • the farmers dream