Clash Worlds Warmup Round 1 - Clash of Clans

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 20 मार्च, 2021
With the World Championship season fast approaching, we know you're getting anxious to crack those knuckles and flex your Clashing skills on the world stage to prove who will be crowned the World Champions for 2021 and take home the grand prize. To help inspire your new strategies we've invited several Clans, new comers and veterans, from around the world to compete in a special exhibition tournament.
8 top Clans from the March Clan War Leagues and 8 invited teams will battle one another in Round 1 of the tournament, grappling for supremacy to proceed to the next round. In Round 2, we will see the 8 winning Clans square off against 8 veteran Clans who were Finalists in the 2020 World Championship Finals in an elimination extravaganza to determine who the Top Clan will be for this extra special event.
So let's take a look at which Clans will be paired up in Round 1!
HaNoi Royal vs Vanguard Gaming
Wahaha vs Unicorns of Love
NGT Legends vs Tribe Gaming
Legion Divina vs INDIAN CLASHERS
J.X. Tiger vs SpaceStation Gaming
Sky Stars vs Aphelion Esport
Method2Madness vs CRBetis
Hosted by your favorite casters, Judo Sloth and iTzu will make sure you don't miss a single troop deployment!
iTzu: iTzuDL
Judo Sloth: JudoSloth
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-------Contents of this video-----------------
0:00 Countdown Screen
10:44 Welcome to the Warmup Tournament
17:49 Vanguard Gaming vs HaNoi Royal
58:00 Super Witch attack breakdown by Judo Sloth
1:02:56 Unicorns of Love vs Wahaha
1:42:00 Queen Charge Hybrid attack breakdown by iTzu
1:47:56 MCES vs PENTA
2:28:02 SkellyDonut Lalo attack breakdown by Judo Sloth
2:32:44 Tribe Gaming vs NGT Legends
3:13:09 Queen Charge Lalo attack breakdown by iTzu
3:17:52 INDIAN CLASHERS vs Legion Divina
3:56:21 Queen Charge Lalo attack breakdown by Judo Sloth
4:01:51 SpaceStation Gaming vs J.X. Tiger
4:41:32 P.E.K.K.A. Smash attack breakdown by iTzu
4:47:39 Aphelion Esport vs Sky Stars
5:28:23 Queen Charge Hybrid attack breakdown by Judo Sloth
5:32:51 CRBetis vs Method2Madness
6:14:47 Thank you for watching


  • It's really funny to think that Method2Madness was the only clan to really train their healers so some of them never died and continued keeping troops alive. Come on, that happened on 2 consecutive attacks!

  • Doing workk ana

  • Kerela

  • Indian yama

  • 41:45 finally not a inferon dargon attack ;>

  • Popcorn: Ready! Cinema glasses: Ready! A Quiet place: Ready! OK I'M DONE LETS WATCH THIS

  • Does Judo actually sound like that? For his sake, I hope he’s trying to put on a show.

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  • While in South east asia famous is Mobile legends while in the west Coc is famous beside of dota 2

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  • iTzu and Judo are the best commentators on COC

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  • 45:28 pertarungan yang bagus

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  • اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد

  • استمري جني ابحدي هنا ماكو. عراقي 😭😂

  • Eu aqui assistindo sem nem saber inglês

  • The best game, everyone advised to download it and thank you❤😘🌹

  • Meu sonho e entra em um campeonato de Clash ir clans

  • head hunter at 3:09:52 is doing it. No you can't unsee it now

  • This guy blinks sooooo much 😂😂 great caster though A1

  • It was weird not seeing galadon in tribe gaming

  • 3:09:51 - See one hh destroys hero artal even if a opponent defending hero was still alive.

  • Queen walkers for the win!!!

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  • 4:40:56 Judo: 14 stars from J. X. Tiger, the best performance of the day HaNoi Royal with their 15 stars at start of the round: 🗿

  • The starting animation won my heart

  • Hahaha Indian gondho

  • Too bad Itzu stopped in the competitive scene, he was my favorite player.

    • that's cuz even he realized he was too OP for others.

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  • How to join this competition

  • Coc please give us super troop peka

  • 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • whoever does the observing is absolutely trash at it

  • Where is Indonesia,you are say 10 global, Indonesia in position 2

  • Jesus Christ, this narrator man...

  • I tought Indonesian clan got the second place in march CWL, why they didnt participate?

  • Penonton dari indonesia mana suaranya

  • GG gemink gak ges?

  • Missing carbonfin

  • Wow I love clash of clans. My favorite game even after 7 years

  • hola

  • I hope the team with the Tiger logo wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Legends never die COC

  • Good luck to everyone in all their clashing adventures!

  • Nice

  • Global chat is a must add back into the game, censor the words that need censoring but it’s what made the community and clash so fun. Keeps the game going better for recruiting, interacting with other players outside your clan and is something to do when waiting on troops to train, etc. Clan chat can only go so far, never enough people on for a good chat to be going while global provided that for everyone. Have a warning to all players before entering global chat that supercell can’t control what players say and some harsh things could possibly be said but it’s a must add to keep the game fresh and enjoyable.

  • Hogs ain't on our team

  • Indonesia

  • thanks, itzu, judo and all other players!

  • Omg

  • I watched the whole 6 hours

  • Best game of all time

  • I have to watch it on 1080p quality cuz it kinda blurry

  • People who are saying remove itzu, shame on you! He is able to commentate to bring insight into the attack strategies and the gameplays, as he is a widely known coc pro! While aving Eric as a commentator is enjoyable, you have to show some respect to itzu and allow him to do his job as an analyst without anyone being critical of him. Shame on all of you who are saying remove itzu, you would only understand the pressure and demand of the position if you were in his shoes! 😔

    • It was in the live chat ... people gotta understand that itzu can deliver a great commentary but his only limitation is language. Lot of people probably dont have English as their first language, so people have to understand that itzu is there to bring insight into gameplays and that i am sure that he is trying his best. Plus, both commentaries deliver by Judo and Itzu are totally fine, people are just being rude and the only way they would understand is if they are in their shoes

    • Havent see a comment about rwmoving itzu xd i actually like his commentary style

  • Too much talking between attacks..

  • why does Indonesia not exist?

  • 👍🏻

  • 5:54:44 why are the defenses are of low level did he forgot to switch bases lol

  • Clash of clans is legendry game

  • who are all waiting for th14?


  • Expressions of Judo is the best 😂😂😂

  • Judo Sloth has the most annoying voice ever omg 😂😂😂

  • 🇻🇳 Việt Nam top 1

  • I thought world champion player might be a good attacker than the rest, all I see is some silly mistakes and bad planning

  • Durasinya real no edit edit

  • Indonesia Hadir nyimak Lurr

  • So glad to be watching a tournament without Woody yelling some bullshit about the Klingons or just hearing him and Bash say “devastation” every other attack. Way better casting this time around.

  • Anyone th9+ need a clan ?

  • 50:00

  • 10:00 it starts

  • Where is Dr Mujtaba's Clan?

  • 31m in wondering how supercell could allow inferno drags to be this powerful. Spammy 1m attacks aren’t fun to watch and don’t set these players apart. We need to see highly technical pro attacks. But the pros don’t get to flex their skill cuz they’re forced to use spam meta

  • I like that itzu shouts out defence. One thing I don’t love in announcing clash attacks is all they talk about is offence. If a queen walks fails or cc is op or there’s a perfect trap or the base is designed to redirect troop etc announcers say the attacker messed up. These are the best attackers in the world. When they “mess up” it’s because base builders were a step ahead. I wanna hear more hype when a base pulls out great defensive plays

    • so true, carbonfin did a 5v5 war with just klaus and klaus perfected them easily. just shows the difference between even good casual players and pros

  • Smart brackets having invite play league champs then having last years finalists get a buy. Well done

  • 2:20:00 where is the area of the warden

  • Epic!