Town Hall 13 Dev Update - Clash of Clans

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 7 डिसेंबर, 2019
Join Game Lead Yeti and Community Manager Royal Darian as they share some of the frosty details about the upcoming Town Hall 13 update. In this review, they discuss the new Town Hall 13 Giga Inferno, the new Scattershot defense, the Yeti troop, and the first new Hero since 2015: the Royal Champion!
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- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm

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  • Who is here after townhall 14 release

  • Now theres th 14

  • 2030: The ultimate artillery inferno Tesla

  • Anyone noticed the attack and defender both judo sloth

  • Lmao I'm died by reading below comments

  • 1:43 LOL

  • i found ryan 2.0... that's right

  • Wow

  • look at the cannon at 1:08 must have been a prototype

  • When th 14 comes Please reply

  • I want to see a female on the costume not a dude

  • Who is coming here after 3 years

  • Xd

  • 0:22 this, is the person who controls everything that happens in clash of clans! 👏

  • أخيرا سوو ترجمة عربية

    • اول مره الاقي عربي😂

  • The royal queen must be a boy the royal queen is a girl daddy much more better not staring in her Bob

  • Why are the coc community managers so dull and unprepared for the dev update? In Brawlstars, the community managers are energetic and highly prepared for the brawl talk, and their jokes are actually funny!

  • Ya şu küresel sohbeti geri getirin

  • Fun fact: Eino (yeti) had the flu in the costume and there was almost no ventilation

  • What if Supercell make 3rd village on the left side of jungle? 🤔 And a new hero Anyone?

  • 3:09 When you do this and it ends up being sold out in stores

  • 2:56

  • Why is the yeti unlucky town hall 12

  • aLL great thish game but one very bad thish game he gave all country flags but he forge nepal flag 😡😡😡😡so I'm stop ply thish game and i tell all nepali coc plyrs stop thish game in nepal

    • please band thish game in nepal why class of clan not gave nepal flag in game

  • Imagine dressing up as a girl because you have no female employees to wear it.

  • (Обновление 9 декабря) (Update December 9)

  • Make more clash -a - Rama

  • Darian plsss back chat global plsss

  • Bring global back

  • Tonto Supercell ja ja ja

  • Em là người vn

  • I got permanently banned for no reason 😡😡

  • Plz fix wifi problem

  • So y'all couldn't get a queen to act out the royal queen 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Lmao that woman yelling cat 1:42

  • Yea im not going to spend half a billion on 1 wall

  • الي عربي يصف جبي👈🏻

  • Isn't there practice mode for th13

  • The best update ever

  • this is the wrost update ever, now this game is corrupt with bugs and shitiest things happened.

  • Respect for supercell in 1:42

  • Let’s put two geeks with zero personality in bad fancy dress and have them fumble and gloat the update to people. I’m as disappointed by this game as I am by the video.

  • Về Việt Nam đi bạn

  • You can tell the developers didn’t enjoy dressing up in such ridiculous outfits aha 🥂

  • Guys are awesome! Clash on

  • عالمي ليش ماكو من فضلكم جواب

  • 0:32

  • Captain america: I am the best shield thrower to ever exist... Royal Champion hero: hold my spear

  • Maybe we need voice chat😊

  • Nice

  • 👌🔱

  • حشمستووحد

  • 12

  • Hey supercell help me in disconnecting supercell I'd for my account

  • Thx for this update i heartly thanks to coc team

  • They have made millions of of dorks... Lol

  • Clash of clans till December 2019: Defend your town hall with defenses Clash of clans December 2019: the town hall is a defense Clash of clans 2026: the town hall defends the defenses Clash of clans 6969: the town hall is a hero

  • these updates have killed the game !!!


  • Can you give an update for best recruitment your new recruitment system is rubish not a single player join us

  • Please help me myanmar country is download can't Playstor what happen ..please help please hlep 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 🔰✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️🔰🔰🔰

  • Also him

  • Him

  • I wonder who wrote the script

  • 1:43 its my place... Memer knows it

  • شباب منو ينطيني قريه حتى مستوى ناصي لان ماعندي

  • 2019: yeti 2065: Chicken leg bis

  • Where is Clash-A-Rama ?

  • Ну это сходи в офис brawl stars там они не хотят делать обнову

  • Eino's fingers look like the Grinch.

  • yo no tengo nada que decir

  • nice to mett

  • *Я один от LINE?*


  • Unless I see global chat come back there’s no way I’m downloading this game again

  • Ok

  • The eyelash game is strong with this one

  • That cross dresser Darianet is the jerk responsible for ending global, thus ruining the game. Offending every single player with his arrogance. Jerk


  • The camps being smaller ruined my base, who else can say the same?

  • Battyboy Darian

  • there are zero words for how ridiculous you look..could find a decent polynesian female huh?

  • Say to community of Brawl Stars what we are waiting please

  • Why cant I find new members it shows nothing

  • We don,t have women ,this is showinizm

  • Yo why can we only upgrade only 100 walls to level 14?

  • Me Sittin at town hall 6: 😐

  • You kostume in the amagine

  • This is a whole new level of nerd

  • Plz insert the global chat plz insert global chat otherwise i leave it this game plz in nxt update plz insert global chat plz plz coc

  • What a total failure th 13 5 star is a joke .was expecting much more from the 5 star .at 12th a 5 star was much better what a let down

  • Why don't the developers make the clan castle an over spil for gold, Alexa and dark alixa.

  • 2019: The town hall has an inferno inside it. 2029: The inferno towers have town halls inside them.

    • Doesn't make sense 😑

  • Never satisfying always updates so sad

  • Voice chat plsssss

  • Дариан зайди в соседний кобинент с Раянам Фрэнком и остольными мы тоже хотим обнову

  • خيبانه خيبانه


  • One thing they should’ve done is a BACK button when you are looking for a base to attack you can only press next they should make a back button just in case you changed your mind about a base you pressed next